Compare tools in current and previous versions

The locations for some of GoCentral's main tools are being consolidated to make them easier to find and use. These changes are being released in stages, so not everyone will see the latest version when you sign in.

What's changed?

  • In the new version, the most visible changes involve the Store, Theme, Pages, and Sections buttons. On mobile screens, they're in a row at the bottom. On desktops/tablets, they're to the right of the main window:
    buttons in new mobile version
    buttons in new desktop-tablet version

    Note: The Store/Manage Store button only appears if you're using GoCentral Online Store.

  • The new version no longer uses the Edit button since you now click an Edit/Edit Site button when logging in. You also no longer see the three-bar button, shown here in the previous version's mobile (top) and desktop/tablet (bottom) views:
    Previous version's Edit and three-bar buttons
  • The other items that had appeared under the three-bar button have moved to the Site Settings pane.
    site settings pane
  • A second Publish Site button, which the previous version displayed in the three-bar button menu, has been removed. In the new version, use the main Publish Site (mobile) or Publish (desktop/tablet) button instead.
    main publish site/publish button

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