Incompatibilities with Page Builder in WordPress

We try our very best to make Page Builder compatible with everything you throw at it, but sometimes, there’s nothing we can do. Here’s a list of things that are currently incompatible with Page Builder. We’ll update it from time to time as we find new incompatibilities or fix existing ones.


document.write (JavaScript)

Anything that uses document.write will break the builder interface as builder content is loaded via AJAX when you make updates. Calling document.write after the page loads will cause it to overwrite all of the page content with the content passed to document.write.


Even though these plugins have incompatibilities with Page Builder, things may have changed since we last tested them. Don’t hesitate to give them a try and let us know if the developer made them compatible with Page Builder.

Advanced Custom Fields (Extra Widget Fields Only)

Any additional fields added to widgets using ACF will not show up in the builder interface.

Google Maps Bank (Shortcodes Only)

Uses document.write to render shortcodes. Everything else about this plugin should be fine.

Jetpack (Gallery Widget and VideoPress)

The settings panel for Jetpack’s gallery widget doesn’t fully load in the builder because it is only coded to load in wp-admin/widgets.php and wp-admin/customizer.php. VideoPress calls admin-only code that breaks the media uploader on the front-end.

Post video players, slideshow albums, photo galleries and music / podcast playlist

Incorrectly loads in jQuery causing a second version to be loaded which breaks many scripts on the page include Page Builder scripts.


Currently coded to only work in wp-admin.

WPFront Notification Bar

Issue posted on WordPress support forum support forums with no reply.


In certain cases, this plugin can leave thousands of rows of orphaned post meta (bloating your database) because it has issues with deleting post meta for revisions. There is a ticket for this issue that you can follow on GitHub.


CloudFlare’s RocketLoad

This CloudFlare feature can interfere with Page Builder when building sites, but it’s fine to turn on after a site is finished.

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