Website Design FAQ

Note: GoMobile will be discontinued on Dec. 15, 2015. If you're an existing GoMobile site owner, you'll need to move your site's content elsewhere — or take advantage of the recent email offer that GoDaddy sent only to GoMobile customers. More information.

This page answers questions about your text, font, hyperlink, image, gallery, video and layout. For answers about account settings, see Account Settings FAQ

Text and Font

How can I create bold, italic and underlined text?
Select a piece of text on the About Company, About Me, Blog Post, or Custom Page designer, and a popup will appear. Here you can change the text style to display as bold, italic, underlined, paragraph, or quote.

Can I change font, size or colors?
No. These options are not available at this time.


Can I create an image hyperlink?
This option is not available at this time.

Can I create a text hyperlink?
Select a piece of text on the About Company, About Me, Blog Post, or Custom Page designer, and a popup will appear. Click the hyperlink button, enter the Web address you want to link to, and then tap the Use this URL button.

Can I create a mailto hyperlink?
You can create a mailto: hyperlink the same way as a text hyperlink. Just enter mailto:// in the address field.

Images & Videos

Is it possible to upload more than one image into gallery at one time?
This option is not available at this time.

How do I grant GoDaddy GoMobile access to my phone's photo gallery?

  • On your iPhone, go to Settings, click Privacy and then click Photos.
  • On your Android phone, when you download the app it immediately asks you for permission to access your photos. Click Accept and you will then be able to add your phone's photos to your website as you build it.

Can I reorder gallery images?
This option is not available at this time.

Can visitors comment on blog posts or gallery images?

Can I add description to the gallery images?
When you are on the gallery view, long press on the image you want to describe and a popup will appear where you can update the image title.

Can I change the gallery key image?
The first image added to a gallery becomes the key image. To change the key image, your only option is to remove all images and add them in the right order.

Can I add video to my website?
You can add a YouTube® video to a blog post or custom page. When adding content to a blog post or custom page, there are three icons to add text, image and video. Click the video icon and follow the instructions.

Layouts, Templates and Pages

Can I change the template?
Tap the bottom right icon in the main popup. The Change template button is on the next screen.

Can I turn off the About page? I want to keep just the splash/logo image.

Why does the website look different in Internet Explorer® than in other browsers?
Internet Explorer doesn't correctly support some CSS properties, so the page looks different. For the best experience, please use Internet Explorer 9 and higher.

Why is the map image on my website broken (red cross over it)?
The Google Maps™ API has a quota for the number of requests from the same IP address. When the quota is exceeded, a red cross is displayed instead of the map. Mobile devices in the same area might share the same IP address, and if some of them try to access Google Maps, the quota might be exceeded. It resets after some time, so this error is only temporary. Even if you see the error, other visitors to your site from different locations might see the map correctly.

Can I change the order of the tabs?

Can I add a file to download?

Are there more templates?

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